With 5 different shades to choose from there’s a tint to suit everyone.

Tinting the windows on your car blocks out harmful UV Rays and dramatically reduces the heat form the sun.  This then provides a layer of protection for you, your children and also your pets.  A tint also offers you security & protection for your belongings if left in the vehicle ; as it makes it much more difficult to see in the car but also holds the window together if it gets smashed.

All or tints come with a lifetime guarantee or for as long as you own the vehicle

We offer a free local collection and delivery service and also have courtesy vehicles available upon request.

Commercial Tinting.

The various tinting films available can be used in many ways, not only on vehicles. For instance you could have a mirror finish on your conservatory, keeping the conservatory cooler in intense sunlight but also increasing the longevity of your furniture or carpet.

Maybe your office has walls which are prodominantly glass, you could enjoy a cooler office, making it a much nicer environment to work in as well as increasing the lifetime of office equipment such as computers, photocopiers and printers.