Snow Foam rinse using the 2 bucket method.
Rubbers and badges cleaned with a brush.
Decontaminate the body using a claybar.
Rewash and rinse.
Microfibre towel dry.
Blow dry all rubbers and seals.
Stage 3 compound using most aggressive down to the least aggressive.
Panel wipe to remove polish residue.
Car was sealed with a ceramic coating.
C1 Crystal lacquer applied to the body.


2 coats of Exo V2 body applied.
2 coats of C5 wheel armour
Exo applied to wheels.
G1 Clear vision smart glass treatment applied to all windows.
100% Biodegradable T2 tyre dressing applied to all tyres.
Interior valet.
L1 Anti bacterial leather guard applied to the seats.
I1 Smart fabric protection applied to the carpets.